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Bets on football – How choice a best?



Currently, Bet365 is one of the most popular platforms that offers online football betting. With each quarter, the bookmaker is multiplying its customer base and is also a general sponsor of several football teams, a cyber sports club and the Tennis Federation.


Bet365 is a company with a big and interesting history. It has managed to create one of the best mobile betting apps and it is constantly updated. They also have great odds on most sporting events. Extra class and long term betting, makes it a leader in this segment!


Despite its great advantages, Bet365 also has minor disadvantages. One of the most important is the lack of live streaming of sports matches on the bookmaker’s platform, as well as a rather modest payment system. The bookmaker does not accept electronic wallets and does not cooperate with PayPal. There is also no possibility of quick registration through one of the user accounts – Facebook or Apple.

New players receive a 100% bonus on their first deposit up to USD 2000.



UNIBET has been a leader in the bookmaking industry in World for several years (number one bookmaker in the Champions League). It offers its services both in stationary establishments and online. In total, it controls about 50% of the market. UNIBET is also the official sponsor of the national football team and the Volleyball League.


The advantages of this company are endless as UNIBET offers access to multiple payment methods, a great mobile app, 24/7 support for its customers and a huge selection of events and markets! Also good live football betting lines.


Perhaps the single and biggest shortcoming of the betting leader is the fairly average odds on most sporting events. However, the company makes up for this with its rich betting offer, which includes an extensive esports section.

A deposit bonus of USD 1,200 and a no-deposit bookmaker promotion of USD 25 are waiting for new players.

Football match broadcaUnibet – this sport is unpredictable!

Football matches, like any sport, are very unpredictable and the outcome can change literally in the final minutes of a match. This is repeatedly stated by both experienced sports bettors and bettors themselves. The outcome of a football match depends not only on the opposing team. It is influenced by millions of other important factors, and one small action can radically change the entire course of the game. What should a beginner look out for and how to correctly place pre-match bets?

How to bet live – football and other sports. What skills are important?

The ability to think analytically and observe a particular team is your key to success – this will definitely help you when you are betting on live football. It may sound strange, but in football as in any other sport – without the past there is no future. So before you place your bets pay attention to the results of previous games, they can have an impact on the outcome of the upcoming match! We’ve put together a list of the 4 most important aspects to look out for before placing a bet.

Football or basketball?

It doesn’t matter, because each sport has its idols and key players who literally influence the outcome of the event. Now imagine if Messi had not appeared on the pitch in El Classico and what a cruel joke that would have been for your team! The absence of important players from a team, is a key factor in determining the outcome of a match.

Team health and overall fitness.

Before placing a bet, check all the previous matches of the team in question. Remember that if your team has played a few away games, they may be tired from travelling, which can also affect the result. Some sites, such as UNIBET, provide team statistics which can also be helpful. Don’t forget about player injuries and possible substitutions – they all play an important role.

Team spirit and drive to win!

What makes a team strong? Definitely the mentality and the goal to become an absolute winner. To better understand how athletes live now and what their mentality is – watch the latest interviews, follow them on social networks. Players’ motivation to win is one of the key factors and if you see it in your team – you are halfway to victory!

Football types and other tricks – pay attention to this!

Watch out for any substitutions, a yellow or red card for a player, a substitute or an injury, they all play a big part in the fate of the match. This will be especially important for bettors in Live mode, because unlike pre-match betting, you will have to pay attention to every change in the game.

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