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Betting on the loser to win in live betting

The strategy we have presented below brings low but stable profits in each game. It is mainly directed at football and its addition in the form of live betting. The whole mechanism here is extremely simple and does not necessarily require you to make deep analyses. On the other hand, these can always come in handy for additional threat assessment. The main goal here is to watch the teams playing against each other in LIVE mode, then immediately release two coupons if one of the teams loses a goal. You then bet on either a draw or a win for the losing team. The suggested starting bet is $1 for each result. This means that if you lose you will lose 2 USDos, but if you succeed and win, the total cash in your account will be between 3 and 6 USDos depending on the complexity of the event. The author of this solution always suggests to approach the strategy with calmness and not to raise the stakes, as the potential wins here are meant to complement the full game. He cites examples where in one day he won 36 times the amount bet. With all this he does not forget to always choose only the teams he knows. This means that playing on teams you don’t know can end in disaster. Playing against the big favourite brings by far the biggest benefits here, which is always reflected in the potential odds.

With this strategy, as with the others we inform you about, it is important to always play in such a way that you still have the funds to continue competing if you lose. Sports betting is a thankless subject and can cause coupons to not go in. In that case, resources are needed that will not compromise the extra money you no longer want to put into the game. At the same time, to help yourself, it is good to get to know other aspects of a given bookmaker: the promotional offer, the amount and multiplicity of odds or technical support. All these points are important and will help you in your further journey, so in a nutshell we remind you of them below.

Attractive bonuses offered to players


There is no denying it, promotions are a factor that is crucial for many players. A bookmaker’s approach to promotions must be clear and geared precisely towards users. Therefore, the more you receive, the better. Fortunately, the majority of well-known brands come from a similar assumption, which will offer excellent quality products and combinations that cannot be omitted. At this point, it would be appropriate to start with the welcome promotion. It is the first, basic one that you will encounter when you log into your account. On the basis of it you will receive an increase of your deposit by 100% even up to several thousand dollars. This is a very substantial amount, which in practice means that if you decide to play, you will receive twice as much money in total! The only thing you need to keep in mind here is the simple terms and conditions, which are summarized in the form of a few key points which of course you can read about on the site itself. These are the basic rules of each bonus and they assume the necessity of money turnover, odds used in the action etc. Are you interested in a free bet? Then you will be glad to know that bookmakers also work in this matter, which is also described on the site itself. Such free bets and free bets are beneficial and allow you to get to know the brand before making a deposit. At the same time, there are reload bonuses, cashback, loyalty or VIP programmes. For each of these you can count on support, so it is worth summarizing this section with a simple statement: the more actions and simple rules, the better for the players themselves, because they will gain more resources for their strategies, including precisely for winning bets in which one of the teams quickly loses a goal at 0:1.

Get to know the bookmaker and its offer

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We will also move on to the odds. Admittedly the mentioned strategy is suggested directly on football, however in this matter you can apply exceptions that will allow you to adjust to other disciplines. In this regard, it will be no secret that you will encounter dozens of excellent items that will influence your level of satisfaction. So, if you are looking for a brand that will offer all the key disciplines, but also the less popular ones, it is worth reviewing the possibilities and choosing the one that suits your requirements best. Nothing prevents you from playing football, but also basketball, ice hockey, handball, volleyball or electronic sports. You can choose from all of these, even if you’re very picky. Of course, when it comes to vouchers, they are settled immediately and you don’t have to wait for a long time to receive your winnings, which you can immediately transfer to further matches. As if that wasn’t enough, you can choose from a variety of additional breakdowns, such as handicap, goal scorers, score before the break or at the end of the match. You can also take advantage of all the action from your mobile device or by using the Live option where you play after the first whistle of the referee. A great opportunity to analyse this thread.

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