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Over 1.5 goals, live betting

A great option for those looking for effective solutions is to play over 1.5 goals, using only live betting. So, check if the teams you are analysing are landing in the live line-up and then go into action. Both Werder Bremen and Manchester United are perfect examples of this. In the former case the ‘above’ rule works, in the latter the ‘above’ rule works. On this basis, the author gets a very significant degree of returns and wins, so that action can be promoted further, from the lowest to very high stakes. In the first of these teams, e.g. Schalke 04, more than 1.5 goals were scored in 7 out of 10 skirmishes. However, instead of playing straight away and gaining a coefficient close to 1.25, just wait until match day and log on to play live. Betting at the 15th minute should be more profitable for the player himself and the factor usually rises to around 1.40 – then the game becomes more profitable. Of course, it may happen that one of the teams scores a goal before the coupon is released, in which case it is suggested to abandon the match. Experience shows that in such a case you can easily lose on the mere fact that the team does not score more goals in the end. The whole process is followed by an estimation of the result and a realistic assessment of the situation. It is suggested here to play for about 10 USDos, which is a safe solution and does not require a large financial outlay. It is always important to remember that if you lose in a coupon, you must have enough reserves in order to try your luck again later.

Additional factors for an attractive coupon


We also have to mention additional factors that make the coupon more advantageous. We will therefore mention bonuses, odds and the service itself. For it is these factors that you will pay attention to before placing further coupons. The online brands themselves boast various promotions that are often co-organized with their ambassadors which is very popular in. In the case of the welcome action you can expect your account balance to be increased by 100%, although the second and third deposits can also be increased by 50% or 25% respectively. In each case, you will gain up to several hundred dollars in bonus cash, so in total your account will be credited with much more, which is now a common practice among bookmakers. Bearing in mind that the minimum deposit, which is included here in the turnover is 10-50 USD, you have an immediate answer that the venture is addressed to everyone, regardless of the potential resources of your wallet. As for the regulations, they are simple and clear. Of course, look at the list of prizes and bonuses. They are often changed and players can also expect individual rewards which you will be informed about in a separate email to which you have registered your account. There are also free bets, free bets or cashback and a regular reload bonus which can be replenished even several times a month.

Bookmaker offer with varied odds

soccer field

When it comes to the offer in turn, bookmakers offer a full list, and it includes very varied odds, which are additionally complemented here by important factors such as, for example, the instantaneous settlement speed of individual coupons. This allows you to continue betting almost immediately. The odds are correspondingly high and interesting, and they are also competitive in relation to foreign brands. Among the sports that you will find in the overview there is of course a very extensive football offer, but also tennis, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, handball or speedway, although this always depends directly on the company you are browsing. Of course, included in each list are numerous suggestions for handicap, goal scorers, score to half-time, exact at the end of autos, corners and more. All this contributes to the attractiveness of the statement. Additionally, you can analyse the matches here and check the history of the struggles of particular teams.

As if that wasn’t enough, most companies also provide live sports betting, which allows you to start playing even after the first whistle or just a few moments before the end of the game. This is a great attraction, but it also gives you the opportunity to analyse the event and only bet when you think it really makes sense. It’s easy to implement this functionality on mobile devices too. It doesn’t matter if you have a tablet or a smartphone with different software. The bookmaker should work with any version of the system you may have.

Finally, a few words about customer support. Of course you have to take into account that playing at a bookmaker also means certain obligations and potential problems. The FAQ section should therefore be very well developed and available in. However, if you need further assistance, just report to the operator via the button usually visible in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will take you to a live chat, which is run 24 hours a day, seven days a week (usually, but not everywhere). A consultant will answer questions and check the system to verify the coupon or promotion you wanted to talk about. On top of this, there are issues of responsible gambling, which companies warn against accordingly. It’s good to bear in mind that betting can be addictive and avoid it.

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