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Placing short-term sports bets on MMA or the UFC

By placing short-term sports bets on MMA, or its best-known organisation, the UFC, you will be placing bets on fights that, at most, will take place within a week. Short term bets can of course also take place while the fight is already taking place. This will bring you many advantages as you will be able to find opportunities that only live betting can provide.

Whether it’s live betting on the winner of the fight, or even the winner of the next round, you’ll find plenty of options here for you to profit big, while you’re watching all the fights at the same time. From the first second to the last of the fight, you’ll be able to bet.

Get to know now the best sportsbook for you to bet on the UFC

UFC Conor

There is absolutely no doubt that, for the Brazilian betting market, at this moment Sport is the best bookmaker for you to bet on MMA, more specifically on the UFC. In addition to providing dozens of different markets for you to bet on the fight you want, here you will also find the best odds for MMA fights. In addition, you can always take advantage of the excellent bonuses that Sport is offering to all its new Brazilian customers. This way, you can bet and win with the fights, not risking your money.

It is worth remembering that Sport is one of the biggest and best online sportsbooks in the world and that is currently working 100% and in a totally legal and transparent way in the Brazilian market. Here, you will never have problems and will always be accompanied by a customer support team fully in Portuguese, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who are the best UFC fighters?

UFC champions

For those who are starting their bets on MMA, it is important to know who the main names of this sport are and how they ended up making these fights a true worldwide phenomenon. 

Conor McGregor: The charismatic Irish fighter may not even be the best fighter in the history of MMA, but he is certainly the most well-known and talked about fighter in history. With spectacular KO’s and all his charisma outside of the fights, with completely viral press conferences, Conor McGregor managed to raise the popularity of the sport to other levels and, even if he doesn’t fight anymore, he will always remain in the history of the sport.

Jon Jones: Unlike Conor McGregor, Jon Jones doesn’t shine outside the octagon, quite the opposite. After many mistakes, that took him to prison and to be suspended several times for doping, Jon Jones is considered by most the best fighter in history, managing to destroy and control as he wants every fight where he is. Will there be anyone in this world who will be able to defeat him in the coming years?

Amanda Nunes: The Brazilian is already considered the best fighter in MMA history. After dominating and destroying her fights with Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg, it seems there is no woman capable of defeating the current two-weight champion.

Cris Cyborg: Despite her recent loss to Amanda Nunes, Cyborg is still considered a force of nature and when she is on her day, she is capable of destroying any opponent with her strength and speed. A rematch between her and Amanda Nunes should happen soon.

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